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Countdown to Camp

To ensure that your summer camp experience is all that it can be,

we’ve made it easy for you to see exactly what needs to be done on your part, so that we can live up to ours.

We hope our Countdown to Camp makes preparing for your PCC Summer Camp even more convenient.

Congratulations! You've chosen Premiere, and we can't wait to deliver a camp experience you'll never forget!

Fill Out and Return Registration Forms
The Premiere Cheer Camps Office must receive your Registration Form with your deposit 7-10 business days of your camp registration. The Registration Form must be either submitted online by clicking here or printed from our Forms tab and mailed to our mailing address. The registration information provides contact information of the coach as well as the school and, most importantly, confirms number of participants attending for billing purposes as well as number of instructors to send to your camp. This information is essential to the facilitation of your custom private camp. 

Submit Your Deposit
You’ll need to mail in a $150 deposit and completed registration form in order to secure your camp dates. The Premiere Cheer Camps Office must receive your deposit with your Registration Form within 7-10 business days of your camp registration.

Fill Out and Return Customization Forms
The Customization Form must be either submitted online or printed from our Forms tab and mailed to our mailing address postmarked by three weeks before the first day of your camp. Ensure the form you have submitted or mailed matches the Camp Option you are registered for. This gives our staff a more clear perspective on what you hope to achieve at camp. This is the foundation for your camp staff to build your customized camp and daily schedule. This form is essential to providing you and your athletes with a truly customized Premiere Cheer Camps Experience.

Visit the Forms Tab

Host A Parent Meeting
This is a unique opportunity to touch base with the parents of your camp participants and take care of some necessary business. During this meeting you’ll want to pass out your participants waiver forms. You’ll also want to inform the parents of the dates you’ve secured for camp as well as discuss your expectations and rules for camp. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss how you plan to raise funds for camp (fundraisers, school purchase order, parent contribution, etc.) Also, you’ll want to discuss the Premiere parent showcase and set a time that parents will be able to come view camp material on the last day of your scheduled camp. Parents will be able to witness the team’s progress as well as view our exciting awards ceremony! They won’t want to miss it!

Host a Squad Meeting
Once you have discussed camp with the parents, it is important that you discuss camp with those who will be participating. This is a unique opportunity for you, the coach, to get an idea of what your team is most excited to learn as well as introduce your ideas and goals for camp. After discussing and negotiating these goals, you can put them into writing using the camp customization form. During this meeting you’ll also want to collect the completed waiver forms that were passed out at the parent meeting. You may also  want to discuss some exciting camp details such as themes for each day and what Premiere Camp Gear you want to purchase! Remember, its YOUR camp so do it YOUR way! It is also a good idea to set a sideline formation prior to camp, as it will alleviate later problems with ripples and level changes that you will be introduced to at camp!

Collect Necessary Funds
By this time you will have already sent in your camp deposit. Your camp balance is a reflection of many factors. It will include a minimum charge of 12 participants and this will vary based on how many participants you have turned into our office. Your deposit is then subtracted from this total! Remember, with Premiere there are NO HIDDEN FEES! We simply take the allotted charge for the camp you choose and multiply it by the number of participants you turn in. Afterward, we subtract your deposit amount and send you an invoice for the remaining balance. Now is the time to decide how you will pay for your summer camp experience.

Many schools use...

  • booster organize fundraisers
  • a school purchase order
  • an existing cheerleading account
  • money from a Booster Club
  • parent contribution

Payment in full must be received/post marked three weeks prior to the first day of camp.

Premiere Cheer Camps accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Booster Club Checks
  • School Issued Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Purchase Orders (must be paid before the 1st day of camp)
  • Cashiers Checks
  • Credit Cards

Premiere Cheer Camps DOES NOT accept the following forms of payment:

  • Personal Checks
  • Cash

If payment is not received/postmarked three weeks prior to the first day of camp, your camp dates are subject to be purged.
Please contact our office if this timeline poses conflicts for you or your school.

Just Weeks Before Camp!
Congratulations! You’ve coasted through the planning phase with Premiere Cheer Camps and you and your team are on the home stretch with just weeks before you experience the summer camp of a lifetime!

One week prior to your camp you will receive a courtesy contact via email reminding you of your upcoming camp and letting you know that your Premiere Staff Instructor will be in touch!  Get excited because we can guarantee they are pumped to meet with you and your team!!! During this week you may also want to pass out a flyer reminding the parents of the time you agreed upon during you parent meeting in which they could come be a part of our Parent Showcase! It’s also a good idea to secure lunch plans and inform your team as to whether lunch will be provided or if campers will need to dine out.

On the day before your scheduled camp your personal instructor will be the one to call you and prepare you for what is sure to be an exciting day of fun and monumental progress
! They’ll be discussing your camp customization sheet and will be asking questions to get a clear and concise understanding of your plans and expectations for camp. They will also let you know that they have successfully arrived and are in your area!

"We have girls who have attended cheer camps at universities and they stated they learned more from Premiere!  The personalized and individualized attention and instruction is exactly what our squads needed." - Lori, MS

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