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Stunt Camps

Premiere Cheer Camps specializes in private cheer camps! 

Get all the amazing experiences of an away camp without the hassle! With Premiere there are NO additional fees, NO travel fees, NO hotel fees! 
Let us show you why we are the fastest growing private cheer camp company in the nation!


With Premiere you get TWICE the attention & material for A FRACTION of the price!*

 2 Full Days (9:00-4:00) $123 per participant
3 Full Days (9:00-4:00) $151 per participant
3 HALF Days (8:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00) $129 per participant

*All Full Day Camps will include a one hour lunch break and all half day camps include a 20 minute snack break.
All camps have a minimum charge of 12 participants.


EVERY Premiere Cheer Camp will have their own Personal Premiere Cheer Instructor who will ensure that your athletes accomplish their goals and leave camp with fun and fond memories!


Premiere Cheer Camps provide 1 on 1 attention through a private cheer camp! This 1 on 1 attention optimizes your teams camp experience; the Premiere Cheer Camps Staff will ensure that your goals are surpassed!


Premiere provides 1 on 1 attention to accomplish your stunting goals!

> Higher Difficulty  
> More Creativity  
> Stunt Incorporation into Game Day  
> Learn Fundamentals  
> Improve Technique  

A Premiere Cheer Stunt Camp is the perfect way to jump start your squads' stunting abilities this season!

Premiere Instructors work through the Premiere Cheer Camps Stunt Progression at a pace that fits your squads skill level so that you can accomplish your stunting goals and wow your crowd with safe, clean, and creative stunts and pyramids!


 Be the team on top! Premiere offers progressive training for all ability levels! 

 Premiere Cheer Stunt Camps Can Include:

Creating Stunt Groups Safety
Stunt Progression  Grips
Incorporation of Stunts into material Transitions
Proper Technique Pyramid Sequences 

Safety is our #1 priority!

Premiere Cheer Camps ensures the safety of your athletes through instruction of proper safety precautions when stunting as well as proper stunting technique! Your Personal Premiere Instructor will make sure the content they teach and your athletes comply with the 2018-2019 AACCA Rules for High School and Below.

To view the 2018-2019 AACCA Rules for High School and Below, click the image below!



Team Award

This award is given to teams who demonstrate outstanding athletic performance at camp and show marked potential! They have overcome the challenges of camp through hard work & dedication.

Individual Awards

This award is presented to athletes who demonstrate showmanship and skill progression that meets the Premiere All-American standard! Recipients of the Premiere Cheer Camps All-American Award receive a commemorative certificate, as well as an invitation to participate in the Citrus Bowl All-American Half-Time Show in beautiful Orlando, FL curtesy of ESP Productions! Be a part of the excitement as you participate in this six day tour and perform in one of the largest half-time shows of its kind! 


Premiere Cheer Camps is the Leader in LOW PRICING! 

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Our staff is hand picked from college universities and Allstar programs around the nation and trained to earn their PCC Certification. Premiere Cheer Camps' Instructors serve as excellent role models for emerging athletes.  


Add Even More Excitement to your Camp Days with 


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Be a part of the fun as the Premiere Staff Instructors lead your squad through spirit and team building activities with Pass The Spirit. Your Personal Premiere Instructor will provide your team with a PCC beach ball and facilitate leadership, goal setting, and team building activities throughout camp!


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"We have girls who have attended cheer camps at universities and they stated they learned more from Premiere!  The personalized and individualized attention and instruction is exactly what our squads needed." - Lori, MS

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